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Flight from INR 140 982 Round trip*

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Flight from INR 140 982 Round trip*

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Peru, in the footsteps of the Incas

To visit Peru, is to tread in the footsteps of age old civilisations, which have fashioned the mountainsides of the Andes through time. Beyond the archeological treasures, the country is bursting with natural wonders and cities of captivating culture.

No trip to Peru is complete without a stay in Cusco. The archeological capital of the Americas was for the longest time the capital of the inca empire. Its historic centre with its privileged access to the sacred valley make it the most visited city in Peru. Mystical and enigmatic, visiting the Machu Pichu is reason alone to book a flight to Peru. This ancient imperial city founded on the mountain ridges of the Andes, is a grandiose insight into pre-Columbian civilisations.

You may take advantage of your stay in Peru to discover Arequipa, the 'White City', named as such because of the white buildings in its historic centre. Listed as world heritage site by UNESCO, the town allows access to the Colca canyon. Scattered with nature reserves, it is also a must for the adventurous sports enthusiasts. Further north, Chiclayo is the gateway to the most recent archeological sites of Peru, such as the Huaca Rajada or the valley of the Tucume pyramids.

With its vast sprawling territory, Peru has a wide variety of landscapes to discover: The town of Iquitos is the starting point for excursions down the Amazon river. Admire and marvel at the exotic flora and fauna, before attempting to pierce the mystery of the Nazca lines. Puno, on the banks of lake Titicaca, is the folkloric capital of Peru: at 3800 meters altitude, it has managed to preserve like no other the age old traditions of the aymara people.

Finally, a trip to Peru is also an opportunity to discover Lima: known in part for its great food, this metropolis is also a renowned gastronomical capital. Surfing enthusiasts can take advantage of its fine beaches to surf in Peru on the waves of the Pacific ocean.