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Martinique, paradise at the heart of the Caribbean

Coconut trees, fine grain sand and spellbinding gastronomy : a flight to Martinique will transport you to an essential destination for travellers in search of a change of scenery in the heart of the Caribbean.

Book an airline ticket to Fort-de-France to enjoy the heavenly beaches of Martinique, which comprise 350 kilometres, the full length of the island's coast. From the volcanic black sand bays of the North to the white sand inlets of the South, Martinique offers a large variety of scenery. Even without leaving Fort-de-France, there are several beaches available to you: the l'Anse Madame, PLM and Case Navire, all situated in the western part of the city.

A flight to Martinique is an invitation to cross a land blessed for fans of walking and fans of large spaces. Situated a few kilometres to the north of Fort-de-France, Martinique Regional Nature Park will stir your admiration of the biodiversity of the island, below Mount Pelée. With four kilometres of walking paths, accessible to children and adults, the Emerald Domaine welcomes visitors passionate about tropical life through three itineraries of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. For a privileged perspective over the entire island, choose a tour of Martinique in a motorboat.

The intense cultural life of Martinique is reflected in the numerous events that give rhythm to life on the island. Every year, the carnival festivities stretch out over a month, from January to February, with memorable parades as their focus. With your airline ticket to Martinique, allow yourself to be captivated by the symphony of drums and the jubilation that surrounds you !

Another unmissable event in Martinique - the Trempage Show takes place on the first Sunday of July at the Trinité. Dedicated to sharing and to celebration, this popular event allows you to understand the full sense of the welcome of the locals of Martinique.