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Egypt, revisit the storyline

Egypt, a fascinating destination From the Nile Valley to the western desert, from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, from the port of Alexandria to the Oasis of Farafra via Cairo, the pyramids and the seaside resort of Hurghada, a trip Egypt is as rich in history as rich in breath-taking scenery.

Your holiday to Egypt goes through Cairo, the capital alone requires several days to discover its riches. It houses the finest Pharaonic collection in the country, the monuments and museums are never ending, and there is excitement at every moment, from the Bab el Khalk to Zamalek Island, based on the bed of the Nile. An escapade near Cairo delivers the secrets of the pyramid of Giseh, classified among Seven Wonders of the World classic art.
The Valley of the Kings emerges, towards the south, on both sides of the first river of Africa. A setting to contemplate for several days aboard a boat cruise or for a few hours on an outing in a felucca. The splendour of the temples of Karnak and Abu Simbel punctuates this dreamlike journey over water with emotion, as do stop-offs at Luxor and Aswan.

A trip to Egypt combines a wide array of sensations. It appears magical to antiquity enthusiasts, romantic to lovers of landscapes (the pyramids, deserts, coastlines), and bustling to city adventurers. The port of Alexandria, famous for its lighthouse and its underwater ruins, and just as much for its cafe terraces and nightlife.

A holiday in Egypt also offers a magnificent playground for a family holiday, with beaches on El Alamein in the north or Hurghada in the west, in the clear depths of the Red Sea.