Zauo, go fishing for your meal

Zauo, go fishing for your meal

Zauo, the themed restaurant that offers fishing for what you are going to eat.

Enter through the door of this rather unique place. In the middle of the room stands a boat with artificial basins where your next meal awaits you. Climb aboard and have a seat! Upon arrival, you are given a fishing rod and bait. Be patient, as it may take a little while before a fish bites. Once caught, the staff will begin singing a laudatory song in respect for your catch. Of course, you do not know which species you are going to fall upon: sea bream, flounder or mackerel; it's a surprise. Hand over your catch to the servers and choose your preferred preparation: grilled, simmered, in sushi…
If you cannot catch your meal, don't worry. You will just have to use the classic menu, where you can order what you would like from among a large selection, such as cuttlefish tempura, yakisoba with shrimp (sautéed noodles) or a plate of sashimi.

3 Chome-2-9 Nishishinjuku
160-0023 Tokyo

+81 (0)3 3343 6622

Dinner: from 5,000 JPY (price varies according to fish caught)