Waka Bar, when Nice and the Maori spirit meet

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Waka Bar, when Nice and the Maori spirit meet

On Nice's seafront, the Waka Bar reveals itself through an atypical cocktail menu and an environment halfway between the Mediterranean and New Zealand.

Under the brick arches of a ponchette - typical fisherman house, the Waka Bar radiates a very welcoming atmosphere characteristic of New Zealand. Behind the counter, bottles of alcohol have been displayed like books on a bookshelf, the high perched ones being accessible with a ladder. Cocktail enthusiasts take it easy in this pub where "fun" rings like a mantra - to a degree you can barely fathom during rugby games, as the whole bar comes together as one to the sound of the All Blacks' haka.
Better served with a fish & chips or a burger, the signature drinks - to be enjoyed in moderation obviously - will be hard to choose from: try the delicate Dark'n'Stormy (rum and Jamaican ginger beer), the regressive Real Slim Shady (rum, coffee liquor, banana, milk and M&M's), or why not go for the giant Zombie Kraken (three different rums, pineapple, lime, passion fruit purée and Angostura bitters). The staff speaks English and will be able to guide you depending on your mood and taste.

Waka Bar
57 quai des États-Unis
06300 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 87 94 61


Menu: cocktails from 10 EUR