Tête d'Or park, Lyon's wide prairie

Tête d'Or park, Lyon's wide prairie

Considered the beating heart of Lyon, the Tête d'Or park is one of the largest parks in Europe, and a point of pride for the land of gastronomy.

Back when New York was inaugurating Central Park, the lawns in Lyon's Tête d'Or park has already been open since 1857. For fans of treasure, legend has it that a golden head of Christ is buried here, which is how it got its name.

Swiss landscapers and brothers Denis and Eugène Bühler based its geography on English gardens, providing it with a botanical garden, zoo and lake, as well as many buildings that include large greenhouses, a velodrome, and the Chalet des Gardes. Later, a memorial to the dead was erected on the Island of Swans. With more than 30,000 roses from 350 different varieties, rose lovers should not miss the rose garden at any price.

The Tête d'Or park is locals' favourite place to stroll and enjoy lunch on the grass, for generations young and old. It is up to you to choose what you like best about the park: a romantic boat trip on the lake, yoga classes in the gardens, strolling among the flower beds, a gourmet picnic in the shade of the Lebanese cedars, bike races, and much more to discover.

The seasons leave their mark, the city disappears, and nature is queen.

Parc de la Tête d'Or
69006 Lyon