Sunset Café, the place to be seen

Sunset Café, the place to be seen

A must address and a great place to watch the sunset on Grand Case and Creole Rock.

The sunset ceremony is sacred on Saint Martin. Not with your feet in the water but just above, on a pretty all-wood terrace held up by stilts on a rocky mountainside with stunning views of the Caribbean. The Sunset Café is the ideal spot to watch the sun disappear while sipping a cocktail. It is also a strategic place to watch planes land and take off from Julianna Airport.

Breakfast, lunch, cocktails, dinner the food is of a good quality without being haute cuisine, more like fast food: a plate of breaded fish, grilled or raw, for example, or snail fondue.

The cocktails, however, are spectacular: they plunge you directly into the island experience and remind you that you are on vacation. And as soon as the sun disappears, the music takes over!

Sunset Café
Grand Case Beach Club Hotel
21, rue de Petite Place
97150 Saint Martin

+590 (0)5 90 87 51 87 / +590 (0)5 90 29 43 90

Menu: around 7 EUR