Sunbathe on the island's most beautiful beaches

Sunbathe on the island's most beautiful beaches

Under the sun, time stands still...

When it comes to white sand and turquoise waters, the south of the island rivals the tropical beaches of Polynesia: Corsica is the Tahiti of the Mediterranean! All Corsicans have their secret spots, and creeks and inlets abound so that everyone has their favourite little corner of paradise.

Besides Piana, the beach of Arone is one of the most spectacular. Reached by way of a dizzying maze high above the sea, Arone is a large sandy cove where the sheer beauty of the sea makes time stand still. In Porto-Vecchio, Palombaggia is a marvel, unparalleled in beauty and notoriety, with umbrella pines and red rocks giving it a tropical feel.

Near Bonifacio, visit Spérone and Piantarella, two pure specimens of white-sand paradise where you can even enjoy a variety of water sports into the bargain: from kayaking to standup paddleboarding, sailing and snorkelling. The choice is yours!