Strolling carefree in Fort-de-France

Strolling carefree in Fort-de-France

From the spicy smells of the covered market to the quiet of the cathedral, visiting the city on foot is an invigorating experience.

The city is best explored on foot. Shopping and strolling through its narrow streets, the crowds press, while you may linger in the colourful alleys of the market hall. Within its metallic structure, all the farm products of Martinique are available to you. Here and there, the stalls groan under mounds of breadfruit, sweet potatoes, carambola, and coconut. Sample one of these sun-kissed fruits to capture the real scent of the islands. The smell of spices perfumes the atmosphere, inviting you to treat yourself to a sachet of saffron powder, fresh colombo, or vanilla beans. Further on, sellers offer bottles of ‘improved rum' a mix of spice and macerated fruit. Next on the agenda: culture. Though damaged several times by powerful cyclones over the centuries, Fort-de-France retains some historic buildings that deserve a visit. The 19th-century Schoelcher Library, a historical monument, has remained proudly untouched with its original architecture. The Fort Saint-Louis meanwhile, which is located near the ocean, is the oldest building in the city, dating from the 17th century, a time when it was necessary to protect the settlement from invaders.
The tourist office offers a two-hour tour of Fort-de-France that covers the main points of interest in a dozen stops.

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