Stade Mayol: a rugby legend

Stade Mayol: a rugby legend

All Toulon follows the RCT the Rugby Club Toulonnais one of the biggest rugby clubs in France.

Toulon is a great rugby town, and the heart of the city beats to the rhythm of Rugby Club Toulonnais games. Everything happens at Stade Mayol in the old port district.

The stadium is named after an early 20th-century singer, Félix Mayol, a great patron of the club, who signed over his song royalties to help finance the facilities. Inaugurated in March 1920, the Stade, which seats up to 15,400 spectators, is one of the greatest rugby stadiums in France. Owned today by the city of Toulon, it has recently launched a major renovation project, which will expand its capacity to 18,000 seats.

The stadium regularly hosts international matches with touring sides from New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia, and the RCT counts among its players some of the best in the world.

Stade Mayol
Quai Joseph Lafontan
83000 Toulon

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