Sea kayaking to explore the coastline

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Sea kayaking to explore the coastline

Freedom and escape with a few strokes of an oar... What's better than getting away from it all for a moment and taking the time to admire the scenery?

With sea kayaking, you can head out to sea from a beach and let yourself be carried by the water and awakened to the beauty of landscapes, as seen from the water. Low impact and relaxing, these excursions are possible almost anywhere in Southern Corsica, from Ajaccio to Bonifacio.

Several options are available: a day on the water or simply a pleasant paddle along the beaches; or, for the more ambitious, there is the possibility of spending several days discovering the secrets of the Corsican coastline. This involves camping on the beach under the stars in quiet coves, swimming in the crystal-clear waters and living a truly unique experience! There are also a number of family-friendly excursions to choose from too:, these are easier, slower, and include child-friendly activities.

These outings are a chance to discover unusual and unexpected places, such as the completely wild Miginu Beach, or simply enjoy the infinite peace of the sea…

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