Paddle boarding at Moule Beach

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Paddle boarding at Moule Beach

How about a paddle trip around Moule Beach? Here's another way to discover the lagoon, sheltered from the breeze.

A short tour around the bay, a long tour around the lagoon, or an unforgettable tour by the mangroves: stand-up paddleboards allow you to discover places that are inaccessible on foot, while also giving you a sense of freedom. The principle is simple, you stand on your board and paddle, gliding wherever you like. This is a sport open to all and one that can be mastered quite quickly.

Based at Le Moule Beach, the stand-up paddle boarding school offers two-hour tours, accompanied by instructor/guides, through the mangroves and the meanderings of this huge rainforest.

For the more athletic, eager for thrills, try your hand at 'paddle surfing' or 'downwind', monitored by experienced riders who will teach you the secrets of endless surf on the long swells of the Atlantic.

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