Osteria Olivia, the sweet scent of Italian cuisine

Osteria Olivia, the sweet scent of Italian cuisine

Come to Osteria Oliva for a tasting of the best products of the Italian terroir. Between tradition and modernity, Fabio Baldassarre has conceived highly-flavourful cuisine.

A fresh start for Fabio Baldassarre! Pass through the doors of Osteria Oliva in the Monti district, where you will be received like a prince. The room is inviting, furniture warm and colours relaxing.

At Osteria Olive, you will discover the typical flavours of Italy, served with a smile. Among the dishes offered, cheese lasagne with artichokes, braised veal cheek with chestnuts and pomegranate sauce, roasted potatoes and spinach, salmon ceviche with lemon and ginger, rocket salad with parmesan and avocado… The blend of ingredients artfully prepared by the talented starred chef with a constantly renewed creative vision. The menu changes seasonally to always offer the freshest dishes.

The establishment is modest and has only 20 seats, so don't hesitate to book your table!

Osteria Olivia
Via dei Serpenti, 110
00184 Roma

+39 342 582 8879


Menu: around 15 EUR