Meet village producers on the floating markets

Meet village producers on the floating markets

Though less common than before, the floating markets still allow you to enjoy the authenticity of ancestral village traditions.

Formerly an object of wonder among farangs (foreigners), floating markets, with their street vendors, and cheerful, multi-coloured boats overflowing with fruits and fish, are becoming increasingly rare. While some are still thriving, they often do so by selling souvenirs at high prices. It's not easy to find one that still provides the glorious village atmosphere of yesteryear.

Damnoen Saduak, the largest of all, 80 kilometres south of the city, remains a meeting place, full of folklore, especially between 6:00 and 9:00 am, before the tourist buses arrive. Closer to the centre, Taling Chan and Khlong Latmayon house two smaller-sized markets with fewer tourists, where you can still enjoy the spectacle of villagers noisily hawking their crops by giving handouts to passing monks.

Our favourite, the Amphawa market, retains a far more typical character, with a very local crowd and vendors that rarely speak English. Open on weekends, it is lit in the evening by fabulous clouds of fireflies hidden in the trees.

Amphawa Floating Market
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