Mansarda: fine cuisine overlooking St. Isaac's

fashionable terrace
Mansarda: fine cuisine overlooking St. Isaac's

Gilded and beautiful, the Mansarda restaurant is also famous for its cuisine.

You enter a glass building, where an elevator awaits to take you to the sixth floor of the Business Center Quattro Corti. It's a strange place for a restaurant, yet this large glass room has breath-taking views over the roofs of the city and the golden dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

In summer, the beautiful terrace that surrounds the restaurant opens. With attentive service and a varied menu, the Mansarda attracts a young and hip local clientele. At blonde-wood tables, they dine on international, Asian-influenced cuisine: sushi with a filet mignon, beef stroganoff with a smoked salmon and caviar pizza. The chef Dmitry Bogachev, 34, is very talented, and the wine list is first-rate.

Business Center Quattro Corti
Pochtamtskaya Ul 3
Saint Petersburg

+7 812 640 1616

Menu: around 3,500 RUB