Mani, for the love of Corsica

bistro - must-go-to
Mani, for the love of Corsica

Mani pays tribute to Corsica with traditional local dishes, sublimated by exceptional products.

Michelin-starred-chef Romuald Royer and his team have been serving up incredible food to the bon vivants of Ajaccio and the surrounding area just a few steps from the Citadel since 2016. More than a restaurant, Mani - Nourritures Terrestres (for Earthly Foods), as it is named in full, is a gourmet, joyous and lively place. As soon as you enter the bistro chic, design decoration will catch your eye. Warm wall colours give out a sense of well-being, just like the various plants spread all over the dining room.
At a stand-up table, snack on a few delicious tapas and pre-dinner drinks, before seating at one of the tables - outdoor or indoor, the choice is yours - to try the restaurant's speciality: veal burger with Bearnaise sauce and Savora. Unless you would prefer an octopus burger with cuttlefish ink sauce, or the "Franchouille", a twist on the famous French jambon-beurre sandwich (typically French, made with ham and butter). As a bonus, bread is also entirely homemade. Two major desserts will make it very hard to choose: a chocolate cream in fleur de sel and olive oil, or the strawberry shortbread with thyme and a tad of white chocolate… which will it be? Ask for a glass of Corsican wine to be paired with your meal as the ultimate refinement. Your gourmet break on the Isle of Beauty will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

Mani - Nourritures Terrestres
7 rue du Roi de Rome
20000 Ajaccio

+33 (0)4 95 50 10 42

Menu: from 30 EUR