Les Salines: a picture-perfect postcard beach

exceptional landscape
Les Salines: a picture-perfect postcard beach

Les Salines is the largest beach in Martinique and undoubtedly the most beautiful.

The beach of Salines on the southernmost tip of Martinique in the municipality of Sainte-Anne, has bright white sand and coconut palms tilting towards crystal clear waters. This is said to be the largest beach on the island – it stretches over a kilometre – but, more importantly, it is the most beautiful. It is also very busy, especially on weekends, so midweek visits are best if you want to fully enjoy the splendid location and avoid traffic on the way back. Explore the area all the way to the Salines pond, a protected ecosystem situated at the far end of the beach.

Local tradition has it that on Easter Monday, entire families come to enjoy a "crab matoutou", a delicious local recipe. After such a feast, if you are lucky enough to be invited to share this Martiniquais meal, do not hesitate to take the rocky path that leads to the Savannah of Petrifications, a former swamp that has dried up to become a desert with a curious lunar appearance.