Le Kano: lounge chairs by the sea

beach restaurant
Le Kano: lounge chairs by the sea

Creole cuisine to be enjoyed by the sea, with music to accompany your meal.

The Kano is a popular lounge-style restaurant on Anse Mitan with refined decor and the beach at your feet. Upon entering, relax in a deep armchair behind a turquoise barrier that resembles the sea. The walls are decorated with works from local artists and exhibitions change regularly.

After working in several hotels, Christophe Lupon bought the Kano in 2012 and since then has continued to invest in improvements. Chef Maryline Etilé creates Creole cuisine with specialties that invite one to gourmandise, such as honey-ginger duck breast, sweet potato flan, and candied sweet chilli conch. At the cocktail hour, nestle gently in a lounge chair placed by the shore, sip a cocktail best paired with a few Caribbean tapas like the avocado féroce or the pink tuna skewers à la Créole, and relax to the soft soothing music.

Let yourself be carried away by the quintessential charm of the Antilles...

Le Kano
31 rue des Bougainvilliers
97229 Les Trois-Îlets

+596 (0)5 96 78 40 33


Menu: around 35 EUR