Le 37.2, a beach restaurant for gourmets

beach restaurant - design
Le 37.2, a beach restaurant for gourmets

All day long, enjoy a refreshing cuisine while facing the horizon, for an unforgettable moment of tranquillity.

Ideally located on the beautiful and mythical beach of Cala Rossa in Lecci, facing the gulf of Porto-Vecchio, the atmosphere at André Terrazzoni's 37.2 is chic and elegant. The decor features dark wood and furniture that invites relaxation, along with a great white veil to keep the sun off when it hits hard.

You will appreciate a very fresh and gourmet cuisine, that seduces even the most demanding gourmets. Expect linguine alla vongole, Carnaroli rice risotto, tuna tartare, sea bream en papillote served with gremolata (Italian chopped parsley and garlic).

There is no question here about taking the easy way, and even if you have lunch with your feet in the sand, you can expect to be charmed.

Fresh local produce, great prime rib, and the fish of the day are honoured on the menu, as well as delicious cocktails, if you come just for a drink in one of the deckchairs, feet in the sand.

Plage de Cala Rossa Benedettu
20137 Porto-Vecchio

+33 (0)4 95 71 70 24


Menu: around 48 EUR

Cocktails: from 12 EUR