La Siest'In, dreamlike cuisine

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La Siest'In, dreamlike cuisine

An unusual place. Come for lunch…and stay for a nap.

Rue Paradis, the Cantini museum, Place Castellane… this busy, office-filled neighbourhood was the perfect place to open this unique lunch-and-nap spot. Original and innovative, it has become a huge hit with hungry locals in need of a kip. The Siest'In provides a healthy lunch of well-balanced dishes, all nicely rounded off with a rejuvenating nap. The daily menu changes with the seasons: quiche with pumpkin, an assortment of fresh salads, sandwiches and tartines made with good organic bread. The delicious desserts are prepared on site by the pastry chef: chocolate chip muffins, chocolate cornflakes cakes, fruit tart, chestnut cream tiramisu, almond pie, cheesecake… It may be hard to make up your mind!

At La Siest'In, you recharge your phone battery while recharging your own battery. After lunch, settle in for a nap in a bed, hammock, or recliner in one of the six individual cabins, each decorated with the image of a continent in warm, soothing shades. Then, back to the grind, refreshed and revitalised.

La Siest'in,
47 boulevard Paul Peytral
13006 Marseille

+33 (0)4 91 67 04 61

Menu: around 11.50 EUR