Ice cream and wine, unconventional but oh-so Folderol fusion

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Ice cream and wine, unconventional but oh-so Folderol fusion

Artisan ice creams and crus from independent wineries sit side by side at Folderol, a hybrid concept location tucked away in the 11th arrondissement.

Two completely different worlds - of wine and ice cream - have combined in this unique location for the very first time in Paris. At Folderol, you are met with a choice: on the one hand there are wines from small-scale winemakers displayed along the walls like ornaments, and on the other there are homemade ice creams...and we can almost guarantee that you will leave with both! Chef Robert Compagnon and American-Taiwanese pastry chef Jessica Yang are the masterminds behind this innovative concept. They are also the brains behind Michelin-starred restaurant Le Rigamarole just next door. So what is this second venue all about? “Indulging in a glass of wine before buying a pot of ice cream to go, or enjoying a sorbet before leaving with a bottle...

As you stand in front of the artisan ice creams, the rainbow of flavours will make your mouth water with excitement. Will you give in to temptation and go for a scoop of vanilla, scattered with crunchy chocolate chips? Or are you more adventurous...? If so, the blood orange and jasmine sorbet, or sesame and praline ice cream might be the one for you! In the evenings, the ambiance shifts, and the hybrid space transforms into a wine bar. The concrete counter props up wine lovers and connoisseurs, and soon disappears under their tasting glasses, charcuterie platters, and house-made focaccia.

10 rue du Grand Prieuré
75011 Paris

+33 (0)1 43 55 02 57

Menu: ice creams from 2 EUR