Hartwood, ecological

Hartwood, ecological

An eco-chic restaurant in the jungle of Tulum.

Under Tulum's palm trees behind the beach, Hartwood is one of the best-known addresses in the city. It is an open-air restaurant with rustic wooden tables and antique furniture, which the owners collected during their travels. In the evenings, it is lit by glowing lanterns. Highly environment friendly, Hartwood runs only on solar power and serves only local products. Its artisanal recipes, wood stoves, and open barbecues make Hartwood an especially tasty experience.

Former New Yorkers Eric Werner and Mya Henry opened this tropical restaurant with a philosophy of simplicity and a daily menu of fresh fish and dishes cooked in hot pots. Enjoy a rustic spicy grapefruit margarita and savour a sirloin beefsteak with pimentos and lime, or grilled octopus and crispy potatoes.

If you want to experiment, make a same-day booking by adding your name to the 3:00 p.m. slot.

Carretera Tulum Boca Paila 7.6Km
77780 Tulum
Quintana Roo


Menu: from 750 MXN