Gourmet break at Café con Gracia

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Gourmet break at Café con Gracia

Only a stone's throw from Mercado 28 in Cancún, Café con Gracia welcomes strollers looking for a sweet break in a vintage and cosy environment.

Turquoise colour is everywhere to be found on the terrace, as it catches the eye and stirs up curiosity. The walls, aged wooden chairs and elements of decoration such as a 1970s bike have all been painted in this colour at Café con Gracia. In this vintage establishment, furniture has been bargain-hunted, recycled and restored. Inside, a typewriter stands in an alcove, and books are scattered here and there. The shop makes it very clear, books and reading go hand in hand with coffee and pastries. Locals often gather to enjoy an iced drink, as they're famous all around town and offered in various flavours, from mango to mint through candy floss and the in-demand lemon pie. Sip it on the terrace, or in the garden at the back of the shop.

Café con Gracia
Avenida Tankah 69
77509 Cancún
Quintana Roo

+52 998 252 9232


Menu: iced coffee from 45 MXN