FYR, bistronomy, the Nordic way

FYR, bistronomy, the Nordic way

Sheltered from view in the basement of a lovely villa in Oslo, FYR unveils intimate atmosphere and refined cuisine inspired from Norwegian local recipes.

The large Norwegian villa with exposed stone walls hides FYR in its midst. A restaurant set… in a cellar! Under the brick arches, wooden tables, modern chairs and mouse grey beach seats are lining up in a pared-down and relaxing atmosphere. Behind the counter, you can observe frenzied activity in the kitchen, orchestrated by chef Sebastien Myrhe. Within the bistronomy trend, he devised a menu inspired by Nordic fine dining that however remains accessible by also drawing inspiration from bistro classics. The dishes lack no refinement, see for yourself: smoked pork neck, wagyu beef cooked on salted stones from the Himalaya, marinated trout tartare… Food lovers may be tempted by one of the two chef's tasting menus, showcasing the full range of Sebastien Myrhe's talent. Also wine bar, FYR can offer dinner and wine pairing upon request, which is the best option to sublimate this Nordic gustatory experience.

FYR Bistronomi & Bar
Underhaugsveien 28
0354 Oslo

+47 45 91 63 92


Menu: around 400 NOK