Explore the Bavella peaks

Explore the Bavella peaks

Les Aiguilles de Bavella ascend to heaven like in a movie set.

The winding road from Porto-Vecchio gradually unveils a magnificent view as you ascend.

This mountain range located, in the east of Corsica, culminates at almost 2,000m and impresses with its surprising forms and torn peaks. All the harshness of Corsican nature can be read in this chaotic and majestic terrain. The old pine trees take the forms that the wind has imposed on them and appear to be bowing to the beauty of the place. In good weather, the sea view is stunning. There are many accessible hiking trails, and visitors can also enjoy canyoning, jumping from ponds to natural basins.

The statue of Our Lady of the Snows watches over travellers and the mountain, and gives this place an unreal air, especially if you visit in winter. A landscape as Corsica alone possesses: high mountains just 40 minutes from the beaches.

Aiguilles de Bavella
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