Discover the wealth of Pike Place Market

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Discover the wealth of Pike Place Market

In a unique setting, the organic market offers the nicest products from the states of Washington and Oregon.

Pike Place Market has become a leading tourist attraction in Seattle. Its operation has remained traditional for over a century. You should therefore not hesitate to discover the immense variety of products offered. There, local farms sell their best cheeses and a wide range of high-quality fruits and vegetables, while fishmongers, who like to challenge themselves, put on a show by flying their biggest fish from one stand to another.
Opened in 1907, this immense public market remains an exception in the United States today, where very few similar places remain in the centres of large cities. Pike Place almost disappeared to make room for… a car park. Faced with the residents' discontentment, its demolition was soon cancelled in favour of large-scale modernisation.
Paradoxically, this is where the famous Starbucks Group was born in 1971! You can visit the first store of the brand that's now global. Of very modest size, it offered the best coffee on the market at the time, made according to traditional production methods.

Pike Place Market
85 Pike Street
98101 Seattle

+1 206 682 7453