Deshaies, the pearl of Basse-Terre

exceptional village
Deshaies, the pearl of Basse-Terre

Authentic and discreet, Deshaies has retained the charm of the old fishing villages of yesteryear. Creole houses, a botanical garden, and wild beaches are all good reasons to stop here.

On the Côte-sous-le-Vent of Basse-Terre, surrounded by hills and bathed by the Caribbean, the miraculously preserved village of Deshaies is an inviting break.

Take a tour around the town and make a detour through the two streets lined with colourful wooden houses, or take a reflective break in the Botanical Garden. The gardener and nursery creator Michel Gaillard designed it on the former property of the French comedian Coluche, and everywhere you look is simply stunning. Right in the heart of the garden the orchid, cacti and tropical plant collections are home to to parrots, parakeets and flamingos, and will delight visitors of all ages. If the weather is clear, enjoy the view of the sea and the island of Montserrat. While here, you simply must visit the beach of Grande Anse, certainly the most beautiful in Basse-Terre, but also the longest, lined with shady palm trees, fishermen's huts, and colourful boats. It is also a favourite picnic stop. Other beaches, like La Perle, Tillet, Rifflet, or Fort Royal, also add to the reputation of this market town.

Finally, savour the Caribbean atmosphere in one of the town's restaurants, which serve absolutely divine Creole food, and why not a traditional ti'-punch too?

Jardin Botanique de Deshaies
Impasse Villers
97126 Deshaies

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