Clément Foundation: a superb painting exhibition

caribbean art
Clément Foundation: a superb painting exhibition

An enchanting setting to discover the many Caribbean artists.

Because he is passionate about art, but also because he wanted to help local painters too often ignored by their contemporaries, Bernard Hayot, head of the GBH Group (car import, retail, industry, etc.) has evolved into a patron of the arts.

In the 2000s, he began restoring the buildings around the Habitation Clément, a huge domain overlooked by a splendid Creole mansion from the 18th century, to provide unwavering support to the artists of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. Particularly supportive of contemporary Caribbean art, the Clément Foundation has organised more than 170 exhibitions (visits are free) amidst this unique site of Martinican heritage. Since the opening of a modern new building in 2016, leaning against the old vat room, the Clément Foundation has become a major cultural centre on the island. Enjoy the visit and discover the Clément distillery museum on the way, dedicated to agricultural rum making.

Fondation Clément
Domaine de l'Acajou
97240 Le François

+596 (0)5 96 54 75 51