Calvi Citadel, the majestic beauty of an icon

Calvi Citadel, the majestic beauty of an icon

The famous Calvi Citadel rises proudly above the city, an iconic symbol of the historic and cultural heritage of Balagne.

Nestled on a rocky promontory northeast of the city, the Calvi Citadel offers a breath-taking panoramic 360-degree view. In this, Christopher Columbus' birthplace, the legendary city's sinuous steep streets take you into the heart of its history, its origins, and its culture.
During your walk, you can see the crumbling yet historic walls of Christopher Columbus' house, the Palace of the Governors, the chapel Saint-Antoine, and the renowned St. John the Baptist's Cathedral.
Calvi Citadel is a charming and lively place that regularly hosts cultural events such as art exhibitions and concerts.
Religious buildings also have the honour of hosting concerts of polyphonic songs, to the delight of locals and visitors. An idyllic stroll on one of the most beautiful sites of the island, abounding with pleasant charms.

Calvi Citadel
Haute ville
20260 Calvi

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