Chez René Socca: good mood on tapas stools

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Chez René Socca: good mood on tapas stools

René Socca is a legend in Nice, so you cannot pass in front of the restaurant without stopping, if only to take a look at the menu.

It must be said that the local socca (a thin, unleavened chickpea pancake, whose recipe, here, is jealously guarded) is an institution. Located in the heart of the old town, at the intersection of two charming lanes, the property is a haunt of artists and gourmets.

Day and night, the place is always in full swing, as if the opening were an event that should never stop being celebrated. There is always a warm excitement in the shadow of the red canopy that houses the tables and dancing stools.

On the menu, you eat on the go or on the terrace, and can expect a festival of local delights. Between the socca and pissaladière (onion pie) coming out of the oven just before you, and the pans bagnats overflowing with colours and freshness, you'll have your fill.

Chez René Socca
1 rue Pairolière
06000 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 92 05 73

Menu: around 16 EUR per person