Chez Pipo, anything for socca

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Chez Pipo, anything for socca

This little shop, nestled in the harbour district, has the reputation of having the best socca in the city—the star of the restaurant.

A stone's throw from Nice Harbour and just out of the way of the flow of tourists, Chez Pipo has deep roots in the culinary heritage of Nice. Here they serve delicious socca, a recipe made with chickpea flour and olive oil that probably arrived in town by sea with Genoese immigrants in the 19th century. The pancake is to be eaten hot with your hands, sprinkled with pepper and accompanied by a simple glass of rosé.

Chez Pipo also offers other Niçois specialties, pan bagnat, pesto soup as well as Swiss chard pie for dessert. You will have to be patient as the place is always full, yet can enjoy some tapenade toasts and dried tomatoes while waiting. Sit in a booth in the dining room, or on the terrace, wherever you can, provided you can taste the golden socca! And for those who will not make it to the port, Steeve Bernardo, the boss of Chez Pipo, has opened a branch in the Nice airport.

Chez Pipo
13 rue Bavastro
06000 Nice

+ 33 (0)4 93 55 88 82

Menu: from 2.90 EUR for a piece of socca