Caprice des Îles: Caribbean cuisine in Basse-Terre

Caprice des Îles: Caribbean cuisine in Basse-Terre

A well-known address for gourmets and lovers of good Creole cuisine. Beyond a fairly simple decor, the food is delicious.

The Caprice des Îles is in Baillif, off the Pointe de la Madeleine, a perfect stop for lunch or dinner if you are anywhere around Guadeloupe National Park. Upon arrival, you find a warm and friendly atmosphere with a smiling staff, which always portends well.

You can choose between the Caribbean terrace with a trade-winds sea breeze, or the interior, replete with vividly coloured Creole decor. If you have the opportunity, do go for the tranquillity of the terrace, whose views are spectacular, as the very convivial dining room tends to be a bit noisier.

Now for a tasting and a discovery of Caribbean cuisine centred on lovingly cooked fish specialties cassolette de conch, grilled lobster, yam gratin or more original proposals such as blood sausage fritters and a mountain goat colombo. The dishes are executed with precision and originality, and are divinely good. A table to remember!

Caprice des Îles
Avenue du Père-Labat
97123 Baillif

+590 (0)5 90 81 74 97

Menu: around 30 EUR