Brédas, the haven of a passionate fine dining veteran

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Brédas, the haven of a passionate fine dining veteran

Martinique-born and bred Jean-Charles Brédas brings a simplicity and his own special twist to traditional dishes using organic, local ingredients.

After honing his craft at Le Relais de Sèvres in Paris – the fine dining restaurant at the former Sofitel Paris-Sèvres -, Jean-Charles Brédas decided to come home. At his restaurant in the small town of Saint-Joseph, around 10km to the north of Fort-de-France, he offers lovers of good food – locals and savvy tourists alike – a delicate fusion menu of complex, expertly-spiced and well-balanced dishes.

A little way outside the town centre in lush natural surroundings, the restaurant is welcoming, friendly, and full of warm wood tones. Once you are comfortably seated, and after the maestro has told you a passionate tale of his beginnings, things get serious: start with fritters as an amuse-bouche, or the spiced split pea soup. Then you might opt for the prawn galantine with bitter leaves and a Calypso dressing – unless of course, you are drawn in by the delicious compressed papaya with foie gras! All the vegetables are selected by Brédas himself at the Domaine de La Chabet organic market, which is why the menu changes depending on the day, the season, and the chef's mood.

As this poet of fine dining says himself, “To cook is to love: to love is to protect! To protect not only our planet and our biodiversity, but also – and most importantly – our temple: our body”. You heard it here first!

Brédas - L'Atelier du Briscard
Entrance on Presqu'île Rivière-Blanche
97212 Saint-Joseph
+596 (0)5 96 57 65 52

Menu: around 60 EUR