AM par Alexandre Mazzia, pure creativity

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AM par Alexandre Mazzia, pure creativity

In his Michelin-starred restaurant, Alexandre Mazzia has put together a colourful and flavourful gastronomical journey like no other.

He learnt the ropes with Pierre Hermé, Alain Passard and Michel Bras among others, then opened his own restaurant in the very chic 8th district of Marseille. Starting as a pastry chef, Alexandre Mazzia moved up and fears nothing. At AM, you will find no menu, but blind tastings. A dozen dishes will go by before your eyes, with sheer creativity in the making. For instance, seafood is sublimated by a few delicate Asian influences. Unexpected pairings do not worry the chef, as signalled by his signature dishes: flower crispbread with harissa-strawberry condiments. Alternatively, you may be tempted by the langoustine with dates and broccoli in grilled sesame, Ladour salmon with pineapple and oyster shell miso, or perhaps eel-chocolate, coffee-hibiscus and coffee-sweet potato-button mushroom desserts…
The 3-Michelin-starred restaurant's black front, stylish decoration, concrete walls and clear-wood tables all showcase a pared-down and efficient atmosphere, in which Alexandre Mazzia's cooking is truly given pride of place. A minimalist and elegant setting for a gastronomical journey that will undoubtedly surprise you!

AM par Alexandre Mazzia
9 rue François Rocca
13008 Marseille

+33 (0)4 91 24 83 63

Menu: lunch from 115 EUR and dinner from 215 EUR