A sanctuary for flora and fauna

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A sanctuary for flora and fauna

To better preserve a priceless heritage, a nature reserve was established in 1998 on the northeast part of the island.

Located to the north, on the east coast of the island, this nature reserve is a triangle starting from the Anse Marcel, passing east of the island of Tintamarre and ending at the entrance of the Oyster Pond lagoon. A sanctuary of fauna and flora consisting of a marine area of more than 3,000 hectares and a land area of 150 hectares, it includes the islets on the east coast: Pinel, Little Key, Green Cay, and Tintamarre, and the islets of the bay of the river mouth.

The famous Creole Rock, facing Grand Case Bay, is also part of the Reserve, as are the reefs within 200 meters of the coast. Sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, and humpback whales have made it their favourite area for hunting and reproduction. The best time to observe them in action is from January to April.

The National Nature Reserve of Saint Martin
Anse Marcel
97150 Saint-Martin

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