A Casetta, a local institution

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A Casetta, a local institution

Located on the Cutuli è Curtichjatu plains, A Casetta offers refined cuisine with Corsican roots.

Since it was created three decades ago, A Casetta has built upon a solid reputation, due to homemade cuisine and quality products. The Torre family, who runs the place and has been living in the area for generations, grows 80% of the produce they use in their dishes. Lamb, piglet and veal meats are all produced by the family itself, which explains why the food is so delicate and refined.
For starters, try the gamba crown with wood-fire roasted Panzetta. Then give in to the restaurant signature dishes: pork tenderloin, honeyed apples and chestnuts, filet mignon with stir-fried brocciu (Corsican cheese) or the tongue of veal in mushrooms. They are all traditional recipes, cooked in cast iron pans. For dessert, indulge in the pineapple carpaccio with an almond and caramel heart, a very subtle mix of flavours!

Not everything goes on in the plate though. The warm decoration respects local traditions with a blend of wood, stone and white roughcast. As for the flowered terrace, a gigantic swimming pool in its centre makes it a truly enchanting setting for a gourmet break like no other.

A Casetta
Cantege Canale
20167 Cuttoli-Corticchiato

+33 (0)9 74 56 73 70


Menu: around 42 EUR