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Enjoy the food of your choice onboard.

We offer you a wide selection of "Vegetarian" and "Non-Vegetarian" meals onboard our flights.

  • Vegetarian options

AVML : Indian vegetarian meal - Meal composed of vegetables, fruits, cereals, milk and cheese ( spicy Indian style cuisine). All types of meat, fish and eggs are excluded.

VGML : European style vegetarian meal - Meal without milk products and eggs. Composed essentially of vegetables, fruits and cereal prepared in western style.

VLML : European vegetarian meal with milk and egg products - Western style preparation, consists of vegetables, fruits, cereal, milk and eggs.

We also offer a choice of an Indian vegetarian meal in Tempo class onboard all our flights to and from India.

  • Non - Vegetarian options

HNML : Hindu non-vegetarian meal - Meal prepared in Indian style cusine under strict religious norms forbidding pork and beef. This meal may however have recipes composed of poultry meat (chicken), lamb, fish and eggs.

MOML : Muslim meal - Basically a non vegetarian meal without pork products and alcohol, in any form.

SFML : Sea food meal - A low calorie meal composed of fish and sea food.

  • Other specific options ( These meals depend on the menu of the day and could be vegetarian or non vegetarian )

BBML : Infant meal - From 6 months to 2 years, light and simple meal in baby jar (mashed food), dessert jar, fresh fruits and biscuits. 

CHML : Planete Blue Child meal - From 2 to 12 years, meal comprising of chicken, pasta, potatoes, cheese, orange juice, pastry and a game pack.

BLML : Bland meal - Low fat meal suitable for passengers suffering from either cardiovascular complaints or disorder of the digestive system.

DBML : Diabetic meal - Meal low in carbohydrates and without sugar. 

GFML : Gluten- free meal - Meal suitable for passengers allergic to gluten.

KSML : Kosher meal - Meal based on strict observance of Jewish religious practices.           

LSML : No salt meal
-  Identical to other meals served except that salt has been excluded in the cooking.

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